About Us

This is the world of the internet. Nowadays everything is in your fingertip. The online system has already created a virtual world. Most of the population are in the social media. This types of medium help us to get connected to the new world and it also gives us the current news about our
society. SO, every big brand has a wide option of marketing their new product or an old product which is not so popular. The companies have their teams who work day and night to get a product in a perfect shape. But, the advertisement is the main issue in today’s time.

We are COLOR leaves, the fastest growing company in the western zone of India. It is mainly based on Pune which is currently one of the biggest education and technology hub of south-east Asia and the biggest in INDIA. We have hired different tech experts and content writers who have
a good level of creativity and they also have the capability to present your products to the people who are interested in it. We have a good grip on social webs, content networks, communities, platforms and web technologies. We assist our clients very gently and also help them to enhance
their business through these types of social and digital media marketing. As we follow in the footsteps of the evolving multimedia industries, we are updating ourselves with the newtechnologies so that we can lend a good hand to our clients.

Our first priority is CREATIVITY, so our main utility is to bring your product to branding with the help of logo creation and web development. We have our strict rules in our workplaces which is under the supervision of an extremely experienced management team. We have the best content writers and web developers in our technical team. They will constantly monitor our clients & product advertisement development and the reaction of the product users. So, altogether we work in a humble environment and with modest employees. We always look after our clients & mental satisfaction and we are always there for our branding procedure.