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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is an approach cum marketing strategy that businesses can utilize to attract new and unique visitors to their content via social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and practically dozens of other sites that are trending nowadays. Social media websites have attracted billions of users and according to the statistics, there are more than 3.196 billion social media users globally as of 2018 which loosely means that are almost 3 billion users that business can reach worldwide using the power of internet and social media marketing techniques and tools.

To summarize, a Social Media Marketer, the person(s) or firm(s) that would handle social media marketing department for a business or website, would create content that can be posted on websites and shared on social media sites. Since there are more than 3 billion users worldwide, an SMM firm such as Color Leaves would use SMM tools to broadcast, share, and promote the content that the users will share further. You can search for a social media marketing company in Pune on Google and you’ll get a ton of search results undoubtedly but why is it important? How does it help a business grow? Let’s see.

How does SMM Help Businesses Grow?

Social media marketing can help any business irrespective of size or scale to grow in various aspects may it be leads, sales, conversions, retaining customers, etc. Nowadays, a potential customer would rely on various inputs before zeroing a brand or business he/she would like to transact with which means, social media sites can influence the opinion of the potential users, attract them to try or buy stuff.

Since popular social media sites have upwards of one billion users and the daily usage frequency is ever-growing on these sites which enables the businesses to impart information about their business and products, exchange reviews and opinions with the customers, interact with users, allow people to share around content such as new products, deals, and discounts, etc and that’s all is a proven path towards success.

For instance, a Chinese smartphone brand started selling flagship smartphones at half the price of an ideal flagship smartphone. The brand started promoting the products using social media, it roped in influencers and celebrities and other personalities who would giveaways their products as an indirect way of promotion which has sparked it to grow into a colossal brand selling millions of smartphones in a week.

In a nutshell, Social Media Marketing can help increase website traffic, gathering leads and conversions, raising brand awareness and brand exposure and allows the business to interact with users and customers online via different portals and mediums which is a proven technique to boost conversion rates. For instance, a user would post a negative comment on products offered by a business but he/she is bound to change his/her mind in most cases if he/she receives a positive response from the business at the earliest.

Social Media Marketing 101: The Strategy

A marketer must have a plan strategized in advance according to which, the marketer would on further with the social media marketing for a business. There are few underlying questions that the marketer can ask a business or firm before commencing. First up is what are the goals that a company wants to achieve through social media marketing because the requirements can be vivid. A news media company would resort to more traffic and retention while an e-commerce website would choose for leads and conversions.

Moving further, since there are more than 3 billion social media users worldwide, we at Color Leaves aka one of the best social marketing company in Pune would strive to choose the right target audience since a person living in London wouldn’t buy a firecracker made for kids in a corner of Delhi and of course, the priorities can change. There are a plethora of metrics marketers could consider before zeroing the target audience such as region, demographics, age range, gender, shopping habits, etc.

Social media marketing is far more effective if planned in advanced, worked upon covering each use case and scenarios that may come up during the marketing campaign, and it’s firm execution but yes, there are many things that a business has to do to achieve the goal specified earlier and therefore, Color Leaves is a one-stop service provider which can provide top-notched SMM services using sophisticated tools and techniques tested and proven to be effective in all earlier assignments that we picked up.

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Color Leaves is a budding Social media marketing company in Pune, India. We provide an array of services related to digital marketing right from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing, Video Production, to Graphic Designing, Website Design & Development among others.

All the members have acquired their qualifications from competent institutions followed by a strenuous training so that any service you pick for your business, we have the right profile ready to help you solve every query you have while providing a top-notched marketing services that you won’t regret ever and that’s all at an affordable pricing scheme. In fact, we are one of the top social media marketing company in Pune thanks to our long list of clientele who trusted us and adorn us with the opportunity to use the power of social media combined with the SMM tools and techniques that we developed after years of experience that allowed us to prove our firm as one of the best you can get in Pune.

We are constantly in the process of learning new things about social media, we have adopted all the changes social media sites have adorned over the years which enables us to stay more relevant and raise the incoming traffic and visibility on these portals which are one of the largest source of visitors after search engines and we have well-tried and proven techniques that taps into the endless stream of possibilities that social media offers in order to mold it as per our client’s requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and contact us or visit our office right away to get started.