“A picture is worth a thousand words”, you might have heard about it and yes, it is true. If a photo can have a magnanimous impact on visitors, what do you think about an explainer video? Well, Color Leaves is one of the best explainer video production in Pune thanks to a long list of clientele who have been associated with us for years now due to our top-notch quality video making skills and expertise.
An explainer video could be animation, graphics, live action, cinema-like and there are actually hundreds of types which our clients can choose from that suits the best for their business or website while we throw our best recommendations in the cart that makes it easier for clients to zero in the best type of explainer video. But the question is, why would a client ask for an explainer video? What is it worth?

Why explainer videos are important?

Consider yourself as a visitor visiting a website ‘xyz.com’ that offers interior decor. A simple web design would provide abundant details about the products being offered and a lot more, however, an explainer video consisting of an accurate depiction of how the service provider would actually transform a subtle and simple interior into a well-decorated & calibrated interior. Will it grab your attention?

The answer is yes, it will. In fact, explainer videos are known to appeal more to visitors than any other form of marketing. It also boosts the ranking of a website since search engines preferred websites with videos and thereby, rank it higher compared to websites that don’t offer videos. Further, there’s a lot of things that marketers can do with an explainer video and that’s basically a job that we at Color Leaves have been doing for several years now.

Color Leaves is proud to have received the accolade of one of the best explainer video makers in Pune thanks to our satisfied clientele that have been associated with us for years now. We believe in optimizing the investment our clients make in creating world-class videos for marketing and explanation purposes.

How do you make explainer videos?

In reality, there are a plethora of steps and stages that we and the clients go through before finalizing on an explainer video. We start from the basics such as taking ideas from the clients, objectives, and goals they want to achieve with the said videos. Further, we have a team of illustrators, sound engineers, script writers, storyboard makers, animators, voiceover artists, and actors (if needed) that allow us to brainstorm and zero-in the best
concept from the lot that we showcase to our clients for review.

Once the client has reviewed concept(s) and zero-in a particular video, thus began our hours of ordeal towards creating and perfecting the chosen explainer video and once prepared, it’s the client who reviews it again before finalizing and posting it on their website and other platforms. This boosts visibility on the internet and other mediums while also escalating the conversion rates.

Few Last Words..

The process is lengthy but our team of skilled professionals has everything sorted and develop the videos as per the deadline provided by the clients and thus, we never delay while providing promising content at all time. Color Leaves makes the best explainer videos for your business and you already know why so what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to get your business recognition, more hits and higher ranking on search engines.